European Catering Summit brings 140 European Catering Executives together.

The very first edition of the European Catering Summit brings 140 European Catering Executives together.

Cologne, February 3rd 2020 – Like-minded catering executives came together at Die Halle Tor 2, where the opening took place. Keynote Nicole Brandes (CH) kicked off the congress and gave the participants guidelines and tools to enter the congress with a goal in mind. Not only for the two-day programme but also for the rest of the year. A great starting point for the European Catering Summit! 

The European Catering Summit took place on Monday, February 3rd and Tuesday, February 4th 2020 at various locations in – the heart of Europe – Cologne (DE). The first edition was organized with the main goal to give event caterers insights, to make their company future-proof and bring together like-minded people to discuss relevant topics and trends. The first edition attracted 140 European Catering Executives. Themes such as leadership, entrepreneurship, the future of food, sustainability and personal connection were addressed. Leading international speakers shared their insights into trends and industry developments and gave life learnings for the future. 

Keynotes, seminars and workshops

In order to reinforce the theme ‘Fit for the Future’, four storylines were central during this two-day event: 

1 Visioning the future, to inspire and prepare for the future;

2 The red thread, because leadership and strategy are the keys to moving your business further; 

3 The blueprint to make it work, as a guide to generate impact; 

4 Engaging people sustainably, to balance your most important assets. 

Everyone wants innovation, nobody wants to change – Igor Beuker 

Besides the keynote from Nicole Brandes – An internationally acclaimed author, leadership guru and business futurist, Hans Steenbergen – Editor in chief & trendwatcher Food Inspiration and Igor Beuker – Serial entrepreneur & new breed trendwatcher, there were several industry heroes and industry experts on stage, including:

  • Marcel Thiele & Eric Miete – Koppert Cress (EU)
  • Maartje Nelissen & Willem Treep – The Food Line Up (NL)
  • Georg Broich – LECA & Broich Hospitality Group (DE)
  • Ilan Molcho – NENI (EU)
  • Warren Dietel – Puff ‘n Stuff Catering (US)
  • Pascal Strauss – Q-staff (EU)
  • Julia Wolf – AllSeated (US)
  • Till Riekenbrauk – Street Food Festival (DE)
  • Cleo Zumpolle & Ashna Tanna – Too Good To Go (EU)

By caterers, for caterers
Several (inter)national associations for caterers are affiliated with the European Catering Summit:

  • ABCS – Association of Banquet and Catering Services, RU
  • BECAS – Belgian Event Caterer Association, BE
  • EPCAS – European Event Caterer Association, EU
  • LECA – Leading Caterers, DE
  • ONCE – Official Network Caterer Events, NL
  • Traiteurs de France, FR

European Catering Summit

The European Catering Summit is a unique event where European caterers come together to connect and join forces, to improve the industry and thus their businesses. By meeting, connecting, communicating and sharing, learning and growing on a personal and business level is central. Moreover, through creative moderators and renowned speakers, the event helps you to open up to innovation, various perspectives and strategic tips for organisation and person. 

The first edition brought together 140 event caterers and suppliers from 20 different countries, was moderated by Karl Raats, gave the stage to 4 keynotes, 9 best practices and 2 panels. Curious about what the program looked like and what other caterers thought of the event? Keep an eye on our website and social media channels.


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