FHWien der WKW wins prestigious European Mise en Place Cup 2017

The 9th edition of the European Mise en place Cup took place on Sunday February 12th  and Monday February 13th in the gastronomic city of Maastricht. This edition revolved around the theme “Catch Me If You Can – Stay in Love”. The winner of the EMCup 2017 is FHWien der WKW – Austria, followed by VIVES University College – Belgium and SHL – Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern – Switzerland.

EMCup 2017

32 reputable international Hotel Management Schools, from 14 different countries participated in the 9th edition of the European Mise en Place Cup. They gathered in Maastricht to share their vision on the theme “Catch Me If You Can – Stay in Love”. This theme focused on how to deal with the upcoming Millennials-generation, who will take the overwhelming part of the workforce soon. The students were judged by the Business Jury, consisting of more than 60 hospitality professionals. These companies have to deal with the movement of generations as well and can gain ideas and scout talent for their own organisation.


The teams of students conducted several assignments prior to the competition. They had to set-up a social media campaign to increase brand awareness on the EMCup and its theme. Besides that, they worked with the hotel simulation game HOTS and wrote an academic paper which was graded by the Business Jury.

The teams pitched their academic paper during the competition days. Furthermore, they worked on a case which was pitched as well, while keeping the jury’s feedback in mind. All these elements were part of the ranking of the top 16. The top 16 battled in debates and the winners received the opportunity to elaborate on their case and presented their ideas to a large audience. The students showed how the industry can respond to the upcoming generation and how they can intrigue Millennials. “We want people to value us, it is about our intrinsic motivation. Millennials want flexibility and freedom.”

“The true value of the EMCup lies not in the competition itself, but around it”
The participating students had another important mission the competition; building a professional network. A Walking Dinner took place at Hotel Management School Maastricht on the first competition day to stimulate interaction amongst the participants, where all partners hosted a table. Furthermore, an interactive session took place where the students could ask for advice from professionals in an informal atmosphere. The competition ended with an ‘Award Dinner’ in the Rebelle church in Maastricht, provided by Van Melick the catering company, where the awards were handed out. Of course, there was plenty of time to network.

The programme was moderated by trainers from Q-staff, who gave a training on behavioural styles and a workshop on personal branding as well. Next to that, Keynote Speaker Herman Konings gave a presentation related to the theme: “It is the year of the WIG, people are looking for Warmth, Inclusion and Generosity”.

The EMCup stands for long lasting relationships and students and the Business Jury stay in touch via several channels.


Winners EMCup 2017

  • Best Team Spirit: University College of Northern Denmark – Denmark
  • Best Team Photo: Centro Superior de Hosteleriá de Galicia – Spain
  • Best Rumour Around the Brand: FHWien der WKW – Austria
  • Best HOTS Assignment: SHL – Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern – Switzerland
  • Best Introduction Movie: Escola Universitària de Turisme I Direcció Hotelera UAB – Spain
  • Best Paper : Erasmus University College Brussels – Belgium
  • Best Pitch – Paper: Hotelschool The Hague – The Netherlands
  • Best Pitch – Case: Hotelschool The Hague – The Netherlands
  • Best Debate: Les Roches Global Hospitality Education – Switzerland
  • Third place: SHL – Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern – Switzerland
  • Second place: VIVES University College – Belgium
  • Winner EMCup 2017: FHWien der WKW – Austria

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