Gianluca MartinelliAssistant Project Manager


My name is Gianluca, 23 years old and Italian. I am currently studying International Business at ZUYD University of Applied Science in Maastricht and doing my internship at Servicecenter 4Hospitality. There is good synergy in the team, everyone is available to help another team member and this is a good starting point for a student that wants to learn how is the office-life. Moreover, there are a lot of projects and I am understanding all the processes behind them. 

Within the company, I mainly work on EMCup, EPCAS, ECS and on the different social media. By doing this, I understand how communication is important and how it differs through several channels. I feel like the right piece of a puzzle which connects two or more parts together. 

Life isn’t about finding yourself, but it’s about creating yourself.


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Jeruzalemweg 2, 6222NG, Maastricht (NL)

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