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25hours rally
Winning is not important, everyone should feel like a winner!

The 25Hours Rally is not a rally in the literal sense of the word. Of course, you can participate if you have ridden a rally, but it is also possible for any inexperienced team. The goal of the event is to experience the beautiful routes of Europe and to bring people together with fun as the most important aspect.

You don’t have to be a top navigator to reach the finish! However, as a participant in the 25Hours, you have to be open to unexpected assignments and challenges, which sometimes lead to hilarious moments. In September, every year a beautiful route is driven in the Netherlands. In the evening, there are also plenty of things organised like drinks, dinner and parties. The 25Hours motto is: “winning is not important; everyone should feel like a winner! ”

The organisation also organise the Coupe des 5. Coupe des 5  is an exclusive car rally for directors, large shareholders and owners of medium and large companies from different industries with a preference for old cars, rally driving and/or informal networking. There is only room for a maximum of 40 crews. 


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