The Belgian Event Caterer Association; the platform connecting leading Belgian Event Caterer companies dedicated to looking after their interests.

BECAS was founded on the 1st of January 2018 with the objectives of supporting its members in qualitative entrepreneurship and providing an informal platform for gaining inspiration, exchanging knowledge and sharing experience. After the Dutch and European Event Caterer Communities, ONCE & EPCAS, the Belgian followed in 2018. 16 Founding Members, 4 Committee of Related Branches en 2 Partners are now part of BECAS. A very promising start of the Belgian Event Caterer Association.

With two events every year, BECAS is possible to achieve their goals. The events are always hosted by a Belgian Caterer or Branche partner. In 2018 the first meeting in March 2018, will be hosted in Kortrijk and combined with the Tavola Beurs. Moreover, the second meeting in October, will be hosted in Hasselt.


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