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Coupe des 5 is an organization that organizes classic car rally’s for the business to business market.

Coupe des 5 has been organized by a very experienced team since 2006. Under the motto “Winning is not important, everyone should feel like a winner!”.

The goal of both events is to experience the beautiful routes of Europe and to bring people together with fun as the most important aspect. We have already traveled many kilometres in fantastic places in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Scotland, Belgium, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Italy and Austria. Always with a large group of cars, many networking moments, the most beautiful culinary delights and special routes. Business to business, enjoyment and fun – these are the keywords of the Rally!

The rally is divided into three rally classes: C-class (classics, over 25 years old), E-class (electric) and R-class (rally class). It is an exclusive car rally for directors, large shareholders and owners of medium and large companies from different industries with a preference for old cars, rally driving and/or informal networking. There is only room for a maximum of 40 crews.

The organisation also organises the 25 Hours Rally. The 25Hours Rally is not a rally in the literal sense of the word. Of course, you can participate if you have ridden a rally, but it is also possible for any inexperienced team.


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