The EMCup is the annual competition amongst the best European Hotel Management Schools and offers students the chance to make a difference with their visions and ideas.

We are proud to introduce the European Mise en Place Cup. During the past 11 years, this prestigious competition amongst the best Hotel Management Schools in Europe has evolved into a well-established event in Maastricht, the Netherlands. 

36 International Hotel Management Schools | 16 countries | 175 students | 60 coaches | 75 Business Jury representatives | 40 companies

About the competition

Participating students not only represent their school while working on academic assignments, but the main focus is also to go off the beaten track with their vision and insights. The EMCup challenges them to think out of the box about a real-life topic and is the perfect opportunity to meet, share visions and create a network all around Europe thanks to the industry professionals.  An important focus of the competition is creating networking moments, not only for the students but also for deans, coaches and industry professionals. That is why the true value of the EMCup lies not in the competition itself, but around it. Each year, the EMCup business jury is composed of a large variety of companies which experience the motivation and innovation of the participating students first hand. And each year, their enthusiasm and creativity grow! Because by sharing insights, and by feeding them with new input and take-home value, valuable business ideas are born. 

Last edition

During the last edition on Sunday, February 17th and Monday, February 18th we welcomed over 160 students and 60 coaches from 36 reputable international Hotel Management Schools, from 16 different European countries. They gathered in Maastricht to share their vision on the theme “Battle of the brands – Will hotel chains survive, in the battle for guests loyalty?”. This theme was designed as a result of the fast-moving trends in the hospitality industry. The students were judged by the Business Jury, consisting of more than 80 hospitality professionals from more than 38 different companies. Besides the competition, the participating students had another important mission; building a professional network.



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