The European Party Caterer Association; the platform connecting directors and owners of leading European catering companies, dedicated to looking after their interests.

The goals of EPCAS are building friendships, delivering quality content, sharing knowledge & experiences on mutual and current subjects and improving the catering industry as a whole. We want to connect caterers with a current and reputable source for news, information, products, services and networking opportunities relevant to the industry.

EPCAS was founded on the 23rd of January 2007. During the last decade, catering has changed from an individual based and a national and product oriented industry into a much more mature, supranational business. In the early years, several European countries started national catering associations, to join forces on common grounds. In the open borders community of Europe it was only a matter of time before the national initiatives were succeeded by a European association, being EPCAS.

To stay in close contact with our members, EPCAS, amongst others, hosts two general assemblies per year where the members get together for several days to network in an informal setting, exchange knowledge & best practices, get updates about EPCAS, experience culture, spot new trends and of course enjoy great F&B, hotels and each other’s company.

Besides caterers, suppliers to the industry, national (catering) associations and collaboration partners (PR, Media & consulting companies) are involved in EPCAS.

in figures

  • 23 Caterers
  • 6 Committee of Related Branches
  • 6 National Associations
  • 4 Collaboration Partners
  • 4 Board members
  • 5 Extended Board members


Quality EPCAS Monitor

We created a financial outlook of catering businesses, the Quality EPCAS Monitor, to keep up with the issues, topics and challenges that occupy the members. During the QEM, a caterer provides his company figures to the President, who will analyse the data and ask relevant questions during the discussion on stage. This way we can provide valuable insights, knowledge and information where needed. The QEM is based on the objective to create transparency, especially concerning facts, figures and technical developments.

Chefs Assembly

The Chefs Assembly is an event tailor-made for the kitchen professionals of the catering companies. A well-balanced programme is offered, containing plenty of (food) inspiration, workshops on leadership, and discussions on their pressing matters.

food waste

We strive to be sensible and aware regarding food waste because we believe that “Wasting food is economically bad, environmentally wrong and morally, ethically unacceptable!”. For that reason the Food Waste Initiative has been established, consisting of two components:

  • Best practices and information from leading members in food waste reduction
  • Support in the shape of a Toolkit made for members designed by the EPCAS Food Waste Steering Committee and Unilever Food Solutions


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