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Future Hotello is an initiative of HotelloTOP, in collaboration with the Dutch Hotel Management Schools in The Netherlands & Belgium

Future Hotello is a networking event for students and recent alumni of the Hotel Management Schools in The Netherlands and Belgium, who are eager to develop themselves and are looking for their next challenge, either in the form of an internship or exciting job, or to learn more about networking, meet new contacts. They are actively linked to hospitality professionals who are searching for the future talents of our industry.

Future Hotello NL

It is an initiative of the Alliance of student associations linked to Hotel Management Schools in The Netherlands. Amphitryon, Comitas, Io Vivat, La Confrérie, Cognatio en SV Xenia have joined forces with HotelloTOP and the Dutch Hotel Management Schools, to organise an event that focuses on bringing students and the hospitality industry together.

Future Hotello BE

The purpose of “Future Hotello Belgium” is to connect young Hotello’s to the hotel sector, with each other and the HotelloTOP network in Belgium. By initiating Future Hotello, HotelloTOP and the Belgian Hotel Management Schools aim to create a positive impact in the sector. In addition, we pursue to build a sustainable relationship with professionals within the industry. In short; the first professional steps in making new contacts, networks and personal development.


Future Hotello is part of the HotelloTOP Community. HotelloTOP is a European networking platform for students & alumni of International Hotel Management Schools, and decision-makers in the hospitality industry. Via live events, in an informal atmosphere, HotelloTOP provides a platform to gain and exchange knowledge and experience, to network with like-minded professionals and to stay up to date on industry trends, innovations and challenges.


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