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HotelloTOP United Kingdom is a networking platform for students & alumni of International Hotel Management Schools, and decision-makers in the hospitality industry.

Via live events, in an informal atmosphere, HotelloTOP United Kingdom provides a platform to gain and exchange knowledge and experience, to network with like-minded professionals and to stay up to date on industry trends, innovations and challenges. After its launch in The Netherlands in 2003, the HotelloTOP network has expanded to Germany, Belgium and the UK.

Every year there are three events in London. Twice a year HotelloTOP UK organises the #Afterworks, which provides a platform for English Hotello’s to meet new people during a drink after their workdays. Besides the #Afterworks HotelloTOP also organises a Year Event. Once a year this conference will take place, where guest speakers inspire like-minded professionals in the hospitality industry. The past four Year Events had each their own topical theme such as; 

2019 – High Tech – High Touch; Thanks to decreasing technology costs, many innovations that impact our daily lives were rapidly made possible. Technology has had a great impact on the hospitality industry as well. rapidly. It certainly adds to the guest experience and is needed to exceed the guests’ ongoing expectations.

2018 – Sheconomy; Gender equality, a topic which has been under scrutiny during the last couple of years triggered by an ever-increasing awareness of inequality faced by women on the work floor. Examples of unequal opportunities, the gender pay gap and overall workplace discrimination, are the cause for us to assess the current state of gender equality in hospitality in the
United Kingdom.

2017 – Catch me if you can; But what are the demographics of the future workforce? And how can we catch these future workers, and keep them in love with the hospitality industry?

2016 – Hotello DNA; focus Hotello community! But what is a Hotello? What is it exactly that makes us a community and how do we determine that? Hotello’s can be found all over the world in different industries, but hospitality is our core business. We live and breathe hospitality and that is what others appreciate us for.


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