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Kenniscentrum voor Bier
Het kenniscentrum voor bier (KCVB). Translated as the knowledge center of beer. The KCVB as a company which wants everyone to look differently at beer.

Most of the people just drink beer like pilsner. But there is a lot more than just pilsner. The KCVB bring brewers and suppliers together with the hospitality industry. The brewers and suppliers get the chance to introduce their products to the hospitality industry.

gastvrij rotterdam

Once a year there is a leading hospitality trade show for three days in Rotterdam, Gastvrij Rotterdam. At this exhibition many brewers take their time to introduce there beers. Not only different types of beer, but also how you should taste them and how you can use them in combination with food. There are over fifteen brewers who bring over 100 beers to the exhibition.

What we want to achieve is that every entrepreneur and employee in the hospitality industry will have more knowledge and appreciation about the great beers we have in The Netherlands and abroad, because beer is an important gastronomic product in the hospitality industry.

Every brewer can join the KCVB. Our goal is to present as many beers as possible and to share our knowledge.


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