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Place des Amis
Place des Amis is the networking square situated in the heart of hospitality trade fair BBB in convention centre MECC Maastricht.

In the beginning of October the 64th edition of the BBB will take place for three days in the MECC in Maastricht. In the past 63 years the BBB has evolved into the most important Euregional event for hospitality professionals with more then 14000 visitors over the course of three days.

The heart and soul of the BBB is called Place des Amis (square of friends) which is initiated by Les Amis GastrEUnomiques (LAG) and has been developed in cooperation with its founding partners and Servicecenter 4Hospitality. As you can imagine this square is the perfect place for you to network.

As we believe education and the distribution of information is very important, we also host the BBB academy these days. Right next to the square you will be able to follow presentations from various hospitality- experts and trendwatchers who will speak about trending topics. Admittance is free so do not forget to check out the schedule and see if there is a topic that interests you.

Like every year we also award the Columbus Trophy for a best young entrepreneur in the field of hospitality. All eight of the finalists will be present at the Place des Amis to show you what they have developed. One of these creative minds will be declared the winner. In order to become the winner, all contestants will have to do some serious homework which will then be graded by hospitality professionals. The winner will receive the trophy on Place des Amis.

We designed the square to make sure that not only our partners but anyone passing through our square will be able to meet and greet in an informal setting. In close collaboration with, MECC Maastricht, Mise en Place and our founding partners we strive to give everyone that comes through our square a good time by providing opportunities in making friends and creating synergy.


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